About Valley Primary Care

Hello, my name is Yena Kim, MS, FNP-BC, and I am a family health provider in Eugene, OR. As the primary care provider at Valley Primary Care, it is my greatest passion to help and support those in need. Driven by this passion, I became a music therapist working with a variety of needs, including physical therapy and speech disorders. In my role as a nurse practitioner, my duties are much the same in that I still find myself acting primarily as a supporter and guide to personal wellness and recovery.

After many years of working as a clinician in large institutions, I realized that I was not fulfilling the vision I had of the way medicine should be practiced. Evaluating and treating patients every 10-15 minutes almost made me feel inhuman, and I increasingly felt a distinct separation between myself and the needs of my patients.

With that in mind, I founded Valley Primary Care with the intention of it being a small clinic where clinician to patient ratio is not only significantly smaller than the national average, but is also committed to providing comprehensive medical services. The types of services provided at my medical office include:

  • Health Promotion & Maintenance
  • Counseling (Patient Advocate)
  • Disease Prevention
  • Patient Education
  • Diagnosis/Treatment of Acute & Chronic Illnesses

My Education & Experience

I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of Rochester with highest honors. I then worked in tertiary and quaternary service hospitals and primary care clinics for many years before founding Valley Primary Care. I also spent time working as a music therapist helping children with multiple disabilities prior to becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Contact us to learn more about how I can help you live the happy, healthy life you are after. I welcome patients from throughout the state of Oregon.