You should feel confident when you visit the doctor’s office. That is why our physician in Eugene, OR, has made it her duty to not only properly treat you, but also help you feel comfortable in the level of care you are receiving when you come to our medical office.

Valley Primary Care and our nurse practitioner Yena Kim look forward to helping you achieve your health goals through annual check-ups and dedicated healthcare. Take a look below for just a few examples of what previous patients have told us about their experiences at our office.

"I was extremely satisfied with Yena Kim as my primary care physician. I felt that she always took the time to fully address my health concerns and made appropriate recommendations when needed. Whenever I needed a referral, she and her staff processed the paperwork quickly, enabling me to get the answers I needed in a timely manner. Yena Kim finds the necessary balance between efficiency and being fully present in her consultations in order to provide quality care to her patients."

– Keiko, Eugene, OR

"I have been to so many healthcare providers over the past few years and Yena Kim is by far the best. Visiting a physician always made me anxious and worried, but now that Yena is my primary care physician, she has reduced my anxiety and helped me feel much more comfortable during consultations. Obviously, no physician is going to miraculously cure a patient, but with Yena as my physician, I feel I can always rely on her to give me an expert opinion in a professional manner."

– Jay, Eugene, OR

"I am new to Eugene and fortunately found Yena after first seeking urgent treatment at another clinic for a severe throat infection that made breathing difficult. The clinic performed two expensive tests, sent me home, and called me two days later saying that the results were negative without any recommendation. I then contacted Yena's office and was able to get an appointment the next day. She examined my throat and immediately wrote me a prescription, shaking her head at the lack of treatment I had received at the Clinic - I was almost feeling back to normal only two days later!

At the follow-up appointment, Yena asked me more questions about my life and health in general. Not only did she treat me quickly and appropriately at my first appointment, she also noticed other issues not directly related to the original diagnosis. She took her time to get to the bottom of my problems and discovered the underlying issues causing what has been making me sick on a regular basis. Since then, we have been working on improving my general health and physical as well as emotional well-being through an integrated approach that allows me to take advantage of the best sides of traditional medicine and integrated/holistic approaches. This thorough, yet personal, approach truly distinguishes her from other doctors I've had in the past, and I couldn't be happier about having her as my primary care provider!"

- Adrian W.

Before discovering Yena Kim I bopped around from one random doctor to another. While feeling stuck and frustrated from dealing with seemingly uninterested individuals, I found relief at her practice located in the most rejuvenating venue I have ever seen.

Yena is a collaborative guide in health, who encourages care without being dismissive. She truly takes the time to get to know you and your preferences in approach by keeping you an active participant in the path you take towards your health goals.

Although Yena is patient and thorough, she keeps matters prompt when you need them to be. As a professional and a scholar I am able to keep up with care seamlessly, despite a busy schedule. I know that this would not be possible without the attention to detail and flexibility Yena shows.

There seems to be no limit to her professionalism as displayed through the finesse and respect provided when discussing sensitive subjects. So I will not hesitate to state that whenever beloved colleagues and friends express a need for a primary care physician, I pass on her card.

- Maddy O

Contact us if you would like to share your story about our physician. We are helping patients from throughout the state of Oregon regain and maintain their health.